How We Help

No one should feel completely alone when facing a problem or crisis. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or are concerned about a loved one – a chat or hotline specialist is available. Chat/Hotline Specialists can help make connections with mobile mental health services and urgent care appointments. It’s a place to start – you can chat or talk with a specialist anonymously.

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or call 1-800-422-0009 in Maryland, or 1-800-273-8255 outside of Maryland

Help4MDYouth is a confidential, secure, and anonymous way of reaching out for help when you don’t know where else to turn.

Who can we help?

Services are specifically designed for youth but anyone of any age can reach out for help. Chat/Hotline Specialists are trained around a variety of concerns including depression, sadness, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, separation or divorce, abuse, relationship problems, conflicts with friends or family members, financial, legal, or employment problems, gay and lesbian issues, and grief and bereavement.

How we help

We help by providing chat and hotline services through:
● Compassionate, non-judgmental listening
● Exploration of feelings, thoughts, and options
● Suicide risk assessment
● Exploration of positive next steps and options
Our goal is to help reduce stress, isolation and feelings of depression while helping people make healthier choices and prevent suicide attempts and suicides.
You may be asked questions regarding
● Your safety
● Emotions and thoughts regarding your situation
● Feelings of depression
● Current social situation
● Whether you are having thoughts of suicide

If the Chat/Hotline Specialist feels that you are in danger, he or she will talk with you about accessing emergency services to ensure your safety.

The Chat/Hotline Specialist will work with you to create a safety plan and discuss coping strategies, next steps and other actions you can take.

There may be times when additional contact information is requested. This will be requested in case the chat is unexpectedly disconnected or the Specialist needs to send emergency services.  It is always your choice whether or not you feel comfortable providing this information. You never have to answer a question or give information you are uncomfortable providing.

How you can get help

Often times chatting/talking about a situation helps an individual feel better. We encourage you to press chat and connect with an online Chat Specialist or call 1-800-422-0009 to speak with a Hotline Specialist. We recognize that not everyone is comfortable calling and that young people are more likely to reach out online. If you’re not comfortable calling, please enter our chat by going to the Chat page and clicking on the icon. There are a few short questions – you may remain anonymous if you like – and you will be connected.

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